«Stiffness matrices for simple analogous frames for shear wall analysis», V. Koumousis and G. Ag. Peppas, Computers & Structures, Volume 43, Issue 4, 17 May 1992, Pages 613-633


The global stiffness matrix of two types of analogous frames developed by Stafford Smith and Girgis for shear wall analysis are presented. These matrices can be used in the analysis of multistorey buildings using 2D or 3D frame programs. The matrix entries are given in closed-form relations which are determined using symbolic manipulation. For the 3D element they express the transformation from the local to global system as well as the modification due to the remote displacements of the diaphragms. Numerical results are presented by using full-width elements in every storey. Discrepancy of the results, compared with that obtained using the standard wide-column analogy, are presented.