NTUA Civil Engineer M. Sc.

Experience in Hydraulic Design of Infrastructure Works:

  • Storm drainage works
  • Wastewater networks
  • Flood control works
  • River training works

Experience in Structural Design:

  • Buildings
  • Infrastructure works (pump-stations, manholes etc)

Other skills:

Computer Programming: FORTRAN, QuickBasic, MS Visual BASIC v6.00, Turbo C++, Auto Lisp, Pascal, HTML, JavaScript, PHP.

Application Design: Applications (in Excel-VBA, Visual Basic, HTML-PHP) for hydraulic analysis of open flow pipes, ditches and pipe networks, sewage, pressure pipes, pump stations, weirs. Applications for structural design of reinforced concrete sections, retaining walls etc. Applications for automated design of long sections and cross sections of civil engineer works.

Use of the programmes:

[DRAWING DESIGN] AutoCAD ν2010, ν2009, ν2008, ν2007, ν2006, v2005, v2000i, CIVIL 3D 2010, CIVIL 3D 2009, CIVIL 3D 2008, CIVIL 3D 2007, LAND Development Desktop v2i, CIVIL v2i, AutoCAD v12.0 v13.0 for DOS & Windows, and v14.0 for Windows, 3D Studio, ArcPAD 7.0.


[STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS] Scada Jr, Scada for Windows, FESPA, SPACE, SAP 90, INSTANT (steel constructions).

[OFFICE] Word 2000, Excel 2000, MS Project Manager 2000, Dbase IV, OpenOffice.


Operating Systems: DOS v6.20, DOS v7,00, Windows v3.11 for Workgroups, Win 95, Win 98, Windows NT v4.00 Server,  Windows XP, Windows 7.